Why should you visit Skala?

Skala is a very popular resort in Kefalonia. It has developed from a small fishing village to a modern resort in a very short period of time. But, surprisingly, all these have been done without ruining the natural beauty of the place. You will not find the loudness of other Greek Island resorts here. Though it is a very quiet village, it still offers all the resort attractions and conveniences.


You will find bars and night clubs along the beaches. The beaches are surrounded by high sweet smelling pine trees. Skala has something to offer for everyone. You can have many exciting sports in the beach, like paragliding, parasailing and jet skiing. You can spend relaxed moments bying lying under sun loungers or umbrellas. You will even have drinks served under your umbrella. The beaches are not crowded, so you can have moments of your own.

There are supermarkets, gift shops, pharmacies, banks, craft markets, local restaurants and bars. In these bars you will have music and dancing all night long. The original fishing village is a quieter place. You can just wander around the streets and amongst the houses and fishing huts. An earthquake that hit in 1956 destroyed most of the original village.

There are some historical sites in Skala that you can visit. There is a 3rd century ancient Roman villa near the village; it’s beautiful mosaics are worth seeing. You can find the remains of the Temple of Apollo a few miles out off the town. Up in the hills you will find some ruins of the old Skala village. You can find some old churches, houses and wild goats up there.

On the hills and fields around Skala you will be able to see sheep and goats running. You will find many beehives as well, which are used to make Kefalonian thyme flavored honey. There are some lovely trails through the hills and valleys. You will find olive and orange grove, and rows of fig, walnut and almond trees down the way.

One of the major attractions of Skala is the Potamaki beach, which is the breeding ground for loggerhead turtles. Try to visit one of the turtle watches at night; it’s something that you will always remember.

Why should you visit Skala?
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