Why should you visit Skala?
Why should you visit Skala?
Skala is a very popular resort in Kefalonia. It has developed from a small fishing village to a modern resort in a very short period of time. But, surprisingly, all these have been done without ruining the natural beauty of
Things that you can do in Skala, Greece
Things that you can do in Skala, Greece
Skala is a beautiful place for the perfect holiday gateway. It is a picturesque village located only 39 km south from the island’s main town of Argostoli. It is a very tranquil place where you can spend days after days relaxing

Penzion Skala

Skala is situated on Kefalonia’s souther tip. It is one of the best places of the island with its golden coastline and unspoiled scenery. Skala is close to the Temple of Apollo and Drogarati Cave.

The city is surrounded by rolling hills which wait for you to explore. In the evenings, the waterfront becomes a social place. The turquoise beaches and the tranquil scenery are breath taking.

The hotel Penzion Skala is a family run hotel group spread over Greece. Everyone in this hotel are very friendly. Don’t be surprised if you see one of the directors of the hotel working along with the waiter or working on installing the new best rated garbage disposal in your apartment kitchen. We make sure that you have a wonder stay at our hotel and we do everything to ensure that.


We have over 30 years of experience in hospitality and catering. At first, we had only one hotel in Athens, Greece; but now we have more 12 hotels across Greece. The location of the hotel in Skala is the best as it is situated right beside the beach. It is one of the best hotels in Skala considering the price and facilities.

We have connection with a number of local tour operators who can guide you to see the best parts of Skala. We offer transport services for local sight-seeing. Every evening we hold a barbeque party near our swimming pool and the guests are free to participate. The beach, pool, smoke and music — the atmosphere becomes exquisite and lively.

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